Coventry Cathedral

I visited Coventry Cathedral a while back and found it astonishing. I was struck most about the theatrical power of the arrangement which was incredibly effective and considered, quite inspirational actually. Entry was through the bombed out remains of the gothic predecessor – now a walled war memorial and sculpture garden, which gave a slightly … Continue reading

The Alexandra Road Estate, Camden: ‘a magical moment for English housing’

Originally posted on Municipal Dreams:
In the sixties, London was swinging and Harold Wilson had promised a new Britain forged in the ‘white heat’ of a technological revolution.  That may have been hype but something of it resonates when you look at Camden’s Alexandra and Ainsworth Estate – Alexandra Road or even Rowley Way to…

9 Kyle Street – Morphology, Built Fabric

Recently I contacted the Cork City Library, Local Studies group and Cork Past & Present group to try and find further information on the Kyle Street area with the following message; Hello I’m writing to request information on any old plans and maps that you may have detailing the Kyle Street area of Cork City … Continue reading


Welcome to my Blog! I’m going to use it to post information and updates on my personal projects. Hopefully it will record stages of design and production effectively, producing a useful resource for reference at a later date. I hope you enjoy it or find it useful, and don’t be afraid to comment or contact me if … Continue reading