Tuskar House Garden Room – Niall McLoughlin precedent

I just stumbled upon a project by one of my favorite Irish architects, Niall McLoughlin, and had to post it! The project shares a lot of the same concepts as my scheme for the Tuskar House Garden Room does. There is a small text which describes it on their website, but the following is an … Continue reading

Tuskar House – Completed Drawing Set

Finally getting around to posting the completed drawing set for the Tuskar House Garden Room project; Hope you like. The planning app is currently making its way through the machine so here’s hoping it all goes smoothly. South Elevation AA East Elevation BB West Elevation CC Proposed Section DD Illustrated Landscape Plan Proposed Ground Floor … Continue reading

Tuskar House Garden Room – update

A few images to update on the Tuskar House Sun Room extension project I’ve been tipping away at after hours. I have a drawing set ready to review with the client at this stage but they’ll follow in a later post. Also here’s a selection of precedent images I’ve been collecting over the past weeks … Continue reading

Tuskar House – Unit B Sun Room

Further to my previous project to convert Tuskar House from offices to mews, I’ve been asked now to design and construct a sun room extension to Unit B. I’m pretty excited about this as rather than dealing with the interior only, I now get the opportunity to create a new structure with independent foundation, roof and envelope. … Continue reading

Tuskar House Mews – Planning Consent

Just heard that Tuskar House Mews, the freelance project I developed for a client in August 2011,  has won planning consent! Fantastic news, photographs of progress to follow soon. K.

Tuskar House Mews – Beginning work on Site

Here are some snaps of the project I took when I was back home for New Year’s – the internal work has progressed a bit since these were taken but I want to keep the posts in order! First the landscaping and elevations: Access lane Gardens Parking, electric gate, bin stores Shared outdoor dining area Elevation units A … Continue reading

Tuskar House Mews – Planning Resubmission

So I’m finally getting around to posting my redrawn and edited proposals for Tuskar House Mews, the freelance project I’ve been doing in the evenings and weekends since August last year. The old proposal was denied because the planners felt three mews on the site would be overdeveloped, and so  the new scheme is based on two … Continue reading

Tuskar House Mews – Update

Well I heard back from the Wexford Planning Dept. regarding the application I submitted last August for the conversion of an office development to 3 mews houses; it’s a negative. The main reasons were a lack of detail for the landscaping and site plan, our already-completed construction of a gate and wall without prior planning, … Continue reading

Tuskar House Mews

In August I submitted a planning application for my first private commission, the conversion of an office development on John’s Gate Street, Wexford. We are awaiting the result of the submission but I thought I’d share the set of drawings I produced for it on here for you to see. My role included surveying the … Continue reading