Lunar Urbanism – Overarching planetary parameters and how they will shape Moon cities

In Lunar Architecture and Urbanism, 2nd Edition, Brent Sherwood, NASA architect and pioneer of space architecture writes about the fundamental factors that will govern the approach to human habitation of the lunar surface. The paper sets out key points of reference to be used as a guide map for the urban development of the moon, … Continue reading

The potential of Space Architecture as expressed through the 1970’s mega-urbanisms of the Hard Sci-Fi literary sub-genre

Science Fiction before the 1950s was plagued with vaguery and scientific inaccuracies. It was this lack of depth that led to the formation of the Sci‐Fi sub‐genre known as ‘Hard Sci‐Fi’, a literary genre characterized by an emphasis on scientific and technical detail and accuracy. The term was first used in print in 1957 by … Continue reading

Towards the development of artificial biospheres as means of enabling space urbanisms’ physiological sustainabiliy

The following posts are excerpts from my research project written as part of my thesis in Spring 2011. I post it because I still find the subjects interesting, and also to kick start my use of this blog to record more of my opinions on architecture on a wider scope,  in addition to personal and … Continue reading