Tuskar House – Completed Drawing Set

Finally getting around to posting the completed drawing set for the Tuskar House Garden Room project; Hope you like. The planning app is currently making its way through the machine so here’s hoping it all goes smoothly. South Elevation AA East Elevation BB West Elevation CC Proposed Section DD Illustrated Landscape Plan Proposed Ground Floor … Continue reading

Tuskar House Garden Room – update

A few images to update on the Tuskar House Sun Room extension project I’ve been tipping away at after hours. I have a drawing set ready to review with the client at this stage but they’ll follow in a later post. Also here’s a selection of precedent images I’ve been collecting over the past weeks … Continue reading

9 Kyle Street Precedent

Super quickly, a very interesting precedent for Kyle Street – a similar narrow terraced house of less than 3m width. Link here. K.

Tuskar House – Unit B Sun Room

Further to my previous project to convert Tuskar House from offices to mews, I’ve been asked now to design and construct a sun room extension to Unit B. I’m pretty excited about this as rather than dealing with the interior only, I now get the opportunity to create a new structure with independent foundation, roof and envelope. … Continue reading

Assignment for a Work Experience Kid

Here’s a brief I put together to busy a recent work experience kid for a week, a while back;   The girl proved to be pretty enthusiastic and keen to learn, and impressed me with her ability. Here’s what she produced and presented at the end of the week;   I enjoyed the chance to write … Continue reading

9 Kyle Street – Precedent Study

Just a quick post to show some photos of Louis Kahn’s Fischer House – this type of sophisticated joinery and how it blurs the boundary between envelope and furnishing is a beautiful example of what I would like to achieve with the Kyle Street design. [All the images below are lifted from Google, so thanks … Continue reading

9 Kyle Street – Some more sketches

Just a few more sketches on Kyle Street. Since the last post I’ve decided on positioning the space-saving stair beside the downstairs loo between it and the kitchen. the fact that it will fit with landings across the width of the house means that’s a clear favorite, as aligning it length ways would make the … Continue reading

Setting Up Shop – Another Prospect

Found this the other day on findaproperty.com; Its a little garage in Angel, located in a gated courtyard just a short walk from Angel tube station. It’s an interesting little site but I’m not sure if the enitre thing is for sale or just the centre garage. Obviously I’d only be interested if it was … Continue reading

9 Kyle Street – Some Sketches

Just a quick update on my 9 Kyle Street scheme. I’ve been pretty busy lately so haven’t had the time to produce many drawings, but I’ll post what I have to hand just to keep the ball rolling. I’ve mostly been exploring the ground floor plan and how it works in such a narrow layout. … Continue reading

Neighbourhood Playhouse – Postscript

Funny, but I came across this project by Bach Arquitectes today on Dezeen which is the first architect-designed playhouse I’ve seen to date. As I said in the last Playhouse post, the site’s no longer even remotely viable and so this prospect is dead in the water. Still, interesting to see a realised project so similar in … Continue reading