Waters of Cork City – The Forgotten Quays

I’ve written before about Cork’s fabulously unique genesis as a riverine urban archipelago, and I’ve always felt it such a travesty that the river channels were culverted in the eighteenth century; the waterways shaped the city streets but they’re now largely forgotten. The waters once formed a huge part of Cork’s identity but are now … Continue reading

Murphy Beach House

I bumped into a family friend at a wedding last August and we spoke about a project he is pursuing. The project is a beach house located on a coastal site, formerly occupied by a chapel and which still bears some chapel ruins beneath the surface. He had a scheme drawn up by a local engineers’ … Continue reading

Academic Retrospectives

I came across this project today whose beauty made me want to gouge out my eyes for its suggestion of what my thesis project could have become, given a little bit more time, and a little bit more skill. The project is the Sea Folk Centre by Naito Architect & Associates and is a stunningly … Continue reading

RIBA Architecture Open Exhibition

A few snaps from the Open Exhibition held in RIBA headquarters on Portland Place last night. Metropolitan Workshop whom I work for submitted one piece which was selected for the show – a pair of glazed green ceramic models of a housing scheme we are currently developing for the river front in Poole, UK. Also … Continue reading

OMA’s ode to sociarchitectural optimism

Haven’t posted in a while, so I thought I’d post a couple of links to some really tantalising video clips posted by Dezeen regarding OMA‘s Venice Biennale Exhibit subtitled ‘Masterpieces by Burocrats’ that I saw online over the last couple of days. I’m a little dissapointed to see the clips as I was in Venice … Continue reading

Brutalism in London

Just a quick post, I read this mag recently that had some great articles on Brutalism around London, I thought I’d post it on here as I’d quite like to follow up by visiting a couple of the featured schemes; Of particular interest are the Robin Hood Gardens in Canary Wharf and ParkHill Estate in … Continue reading

Bauhaus at the Barbican

Here’s a few images of a recent trip I took to the Barbican to see the Bauhaus exhibit in July; The Barbican is a favorite place of mine in London due to the sense when I’m there of being transported to another world. Theres’ an almost utopian feel about it, which for me is born … Continue reading

Archi Battles 1 – O’Donnell+Tuomey / 6A

Introducing a new series on this blog, Archi-battles! a compare-and-contrast architectural tustle for which I will visit, experience and ultimately rate comparable architecture in London. First up, a bijou gallery refurb-and-extension contest, our prizefighters being the London Photographer’s Gallery by O’Donnell+Tuomey, and the Raven Row gallery by 6A. London Photographers Gallery by o’D+T Raven Row … Continue reading

Mack Degree Show

Some photos from the 2012 Mack show. Stage 5 was divided into three cities: Reykjavík, Lisbon and Dublin. First up, Reykjavík: Lauren Li Porter had some beautiful hand drawn perspectives with watercolour; Heather McSween showed some interesting, almost brutalist forms; Others included a mack light design clad internally with carbonised timber shingles, brought to life … Continue reading

Clerkenwell Design Week pt.2

So still on CDW I met a couple of mates at a spanish tapas open house by Figuras the arena furniture designers on Wednesday night; The next morning we met again to go check out the rest of the stuff on show at the Farmiloe. There seemed to be a common approach to the furniture … Continue reading