Architects for Health Design Charette – Final Crit

Following our tour of precedents and with just hours to go, my team returned to the studio to assemble our wall. We arranged three loose sections: Roughwork and Development; Masterplan; and Main Wall. Our key drawing was a perspective section, and the whole thing was backed up by a series of sketch models.   Our … Continue reading

Architects for Health Design Charette – Day Four – Morning

Day four began with a coach tour of some precedent hospitals near to Elephant & Castle where the Charette was based. The first stop was Sunshine House by AHMM; Architect Thomas Gardner from AHMM together with the manager of the centre were present to show us around. It was interesting to hear from both of the guides as each had different … Continue reading

Architects for Health Design Charette – Day Three

Day 3 was all about building a scale model to represent our scheme. The morning began with lectures and discussion with a number of architects from practices including The AOC, BDP, Gort Scott, and Anshen & Allen. We also used the evening to produce some presentation graphics for the final crit on Friday. We continued … Continue reading

Architects for Health Design Charette – Day Two

Day Two started with a site visit; We were allocated site one; the air space sandwiched above the A+E, behind the Evelina Children’s Hospital, to the south of the existing adult outpatients and to the west of a 16 storey mixed programme tower… Despite the site constraints the group got creative in the evening, developing … Continue reading

Architects for Health Design Charette – Day One

  Photos from Day One;   Day One was split into two parts; before lunch, a series of introductions, orientation and a series of three lectures delivered by architects practicing in the healthcare sector. The goal was to give us some background and context on the sector and clue us in to some of the … Continue reading