Some precedents I’ve come across in the last few months, just thought I’d record them here;   Portfolio:   Kyle Street:   Pop-Up Cinema   Pajo’s Beach Hut   Advertisements

9 Kyle Street Precedent

Super quickly, a very interesting precedent for Kyle Street – a similar narrow terraced house of less than 3m width. Link here. K.

9 Kyle Street – Precedent Study

Just a quick post to show some photos of Louis Kahn’s Fischer House – this type of sophisticated joinery and how it blurs the boundary between envelope and furnishing is a beautiful example of what I would like to achieve with the Kyle Street design. [All the images below are lifted from Google, so thanks … Continue reading

9 Kyle Street – Some more sketches

Just a few more sketches on Kyle Street. Since the last post I’ve decided on positioning the space-saving stair beside the downstairs loo between it and the kitchen. the fact that it will fit with landings across the width of the house means that’s a clear favorite, as aligning it length ways would make the … Continue reading

9 Kyle Street – Some Sketches

Just a quick update on my 9 Kyle Street scheme. I’ve been pretty busy lately so haven’t had the time to produce many drawings, but I’ll post what I have to hand just to keep the ball rolling. I’ve mostly been exploring the ground floor plan and how it works in such a narrow layout. … Continue reading

9 Kyle Street – Goad Map & OS Maps, Old Photographs

Just a quick post to show you these maps, with 9 Kyle Street present within it’s terrace, in existence as far back as 1887. the specific boundaries are visible that still exist today, but the Lane to the rear (Cockpit Lane) has now become a service yard relating to a large shop on North Main Street. This first … Continue reading

9 Kyle Street – Site History

I’ve been looking up the old maps of Cork’s medieval core area as background research for my Kyle Street house design, and I thought I’d post my copies on here, annotated red to show the position of Kyle street within the context. I’m really interested in the historic centre of Cork and it’s beginnings as a religious enclave … Continue reading

9 Kyle Street – Update

I’m tipping away on this project, but as it’s purely for my own entertainment and not as urgent as Tuskar House and my work with Paul Murphy Architects, it’s moving a little slowly. basically I’ve modelled up the site and front elevation on Rhino, and have been sketching a little bit to translate my ambitions for … Continue reading

9 Kyle Street – Site Photos

I visited Cork recently and while I was about town I got the opportunity to take some snaps of 9 Kyle Street, as renovated by the new owners. Unfortunately there was a bit of roadworks going on related to the 2nd phase of the resurfacing of Cornmarket St adjacent, but here are the best of … Continue reading

9 Kyle Street

During my time in Melbourne I used to check the Irish property websites occasionally, looking for an interesting but affordable inner-city dilapitated house, with the hope that one day I could buy it and renovate to my own architectural design. It was during this period that I first came across 9 Kyle Street, a small, narrow terraced house in … Continue reading