I’m currently a member of Studio Egret West in Clerkenwell, East London and live with my fianceé in Ealing, West London.

I graduated in 2011 with a Postgrad Diploma in Architecture from the Mackintosh School of Architecture/Glasgow School of Art in Scotland and before that a Bachelor of Architecture with Honours in 2008 from the same school. I’ve worked freelance on small projects throughout my educational career, mostly for friends and family.

I’ve worked in the UK, Australia and the Republic of Ireland, Most recently with John McAslan + Partners in Euston, Metropolitan Workshop in Farringdon, and Paul Murphy Architects in Hammersmith. Also in 2008 – 2009 I spent a year working with Grimshaw Architects in Melbourne and in 2007 I interned at Wilson Architecture, contributing to what is now the tallest building in Ireland, the Elysian.

I love to travel and gain exposure to new experiences; in 2012 I spent the month of August interrailing through central Europe taking in Berlin, Prague, Budapest,  Zagreb, Zadar, Ljubljana, Venice, Milan, Basel and Ronchamp, and back in 2008 – 2009 I spent a year living and working in Melbourne before travelling across Australia, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia. I also frequently visit Alicante, Spain to visit the folks and have been to Texas, New York, Boston, Iceland, Greece, Portugal, Lanzarote and Ibiza on jollies and architectural tours.

I’m fascinated by my profession and by art and design in general. I’m always looking to learn new skills, I’m motivated by my desire for personal development and aim to be the utmost polymathic creative professional.


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