Rowley Way



fig 18 AR Site Plan

About a year and a half ago I viewed a 1 bed flat in RowleyWay in South Hampstead, the celebrated brutalist take on the terraced house typology designed by council architect Neave Brown in 1968, completed in 1978. The flat was a complete tip but with an exceptionally attractive price tag of £175,000.



856737_10152547177850472_1246441195_o 819383_10152547170700472_113878781_o 812733_10152547179840472_2123198072_o 792208_10152547176030472_1573327714_oNow the inside was like something out of Obsessive Compulsive Hoarders; when I spoke to the owner he said that he actually lived outside of London and has let the place out to two girls, who obviously didn’t treat the place very well.

857714_10152547178805472_226140473_o857351_10152547173765472_1814632496_o 857224_10152547171575472_1961295626_o

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Whatever about the history of the place and the effort that would be required to make it liveable again; I’ve always loved the Alexandra Road Estate (of which Rowley Way is a part) and was very excited about the opportunity. Unfortunately despite the low price tag I wasn’t in a position to buy back then and so I had to pass up the opportunity.

Flash forward 18 months to present, and I’ve come across another flat for sale in the same street. This time, the flat is top of the line, restored by someone obviously talented at interior design while retaining many of the original joinery and finishes. Really interesting to see how the old design holds up really well actually, the light and plan arrangement still as successful as ever.

0c74a83fcdb45076699f1397be27c1a2f0cb5f0a e06c297fd2fbad0e81401107b83737b939258211 de0613da6842ddb27eb68fac4517f60b574b99b4 dc3e361a21fd7ff9921ff1a46122eaf1f765337c d05846d099159b0744f35f1e9da8d8447a73ba66 cbd35b283713fa003e7d6b18f967367b07dee8d6 ad77393790a03f478143e8a27b1c33cc56cf88a5 a8192800053eb99ca2c9eea7d6f613ab0170ab28 198726fd1c5c56b635f9265ab1133587e8472fce 6565cd1f81cdb07c0c1b4d7469d12ad8be4d3965 5170c1f18ebfb396cc56d1bf286da9ef8137908d (1) 066e4811de745efce4e3785a9d0f233b3013b3e2 30bd9d57b89be1044ec7773d22b2e9dc56f464c9 9eb1c278a1d433ba125fd0ab84be4f5e2f1dbc2b 6cbf7b72e4f9f853a8efdf8fc53932936006589c 2c7fac03efa6b1379fb38bfe9b3a7247cf4f2f0a 0d603334673f5e64df069f9afbd0e97fab17bdd3

Guttingly, this affirms for me that buying that flat 18 months ago would have been a top choice, and when you know that this renovated flat is on sale for £285,000 (£110,000 more!) that it would have been an incredibly successful investment at the same time. Sheesh. They do come up from time to time though and often in bad nick as many are ex-local authority and just aren’t cared for, So I’ll continue to keep an eye out.


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