Tuskar House Garden Room – Niall McLoughlin precedent

I just stumbled upon a project by one of my favorite Irish architects, Niall McLoughlin, and had to post it! The project shares a lot of the same concepts as my scheme for the Tuskar House Garden Room does. There is a small text which describes it on their website, but the following is an excerpt:

“As part of the house conversion a special pavement area overlooked by a window and seat was designed. (…) The window is arranged around two seats, one facing the room the other facing the garden. The seat back forms the windowsill. A pergola supported by the window shelters the external seat. The window contains silk blinds, wooden shutters and sliding folding windows allowing a multitude of possible arrangements between inside and out.”

Here’s a link to my recent Garden Room project.

1.9304_Wandsworth-EP_S_001-676x447Wandsworth House by Niall McLoughlin Architects
I would love to develop the Garden Room further once we receive planning approval, so that during the construction stages we produce something of real quality. I hope that I’m enabled to do that but it depends on the client. Fingers crossed we receive approval soon.

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