Tuskar House Garden Room – update

A few images to update on the Tuskar House Sun Room extension project I’ve been tipping away at after hours. I have a drawing set ready to review with the client at this stage but they’ll follow in a later post.

001 002 003 004 1 2 3 4

Also here’s a selection of precedent images I’ve been collecting over the past weeks to illustrate;

1-mountain-cabin-by-john-maniscalco-architecture 4bf21f1e0c13bc34ae3ee95d050f29f099357188_m 6 9f 053 064 454e88c867e80530cd4bc7893222c3d59be7472a_m 21697863_045417 276516170aaa9ea2e48f16f1acb48bd8afb5eb23_m 397601911_876fee2e18_b 1403645670_rolling-huts-tb-016 6868561730_a58fd1a783_b 19351473368538467_wcAYqOhx_c 159737118002818886_5C70KM6x_c 159737118004263835_aJYPYT0U_c ab4cc91b4e9e12972ad122f059e81125127664e9_m built-in-benches dezeen_Australia-House-Gallery-and-Studio-by-Andrew-Burns_4 Dezeen_East-London-House-by-David-Mikhail-Architects_3 Dezeen_East-London-House-by-David-Mikhail-Architects_11 Dezeen_East-London-House-by-David-Mikhail-Architects_15 Dezeen_East-London-House-by-David-Mikhail-Architects_18 dezeen_Orfila-Flat-by-Schneider-Colao_ss_1 dezeen_Papabubble-Tokyo-by-Schemata-Architecture-Office_4 dezeen_Roy-Lichtenstein-Residence-and-Studio-by-Caliper-Studio_11 glass-ext-credit-darren-chung-lg_A2 house-extensions-made-of-glass-2 house-extensions-made-of-glass-11 house-extensions-made-of-glass-13 house-extensions-made-of-glass-14 how-to-extend-your-kitchen-by-johnny-grey-large-image-credit-alex-wilson_ img_5932 img_schezen_kahn_fisher l Screen-Shot-2012-09-30-at-6.55.51-PM-400x298 Screen-Shot-2012-09-30-at-6.56.03-PM-400x333

Drawing set to follow!


One Response to “Tuskar House Garden Room – update”
  1. aprilkey says:

    nice sketches! maybe you want to check out my interior architect projects on my blog? i study at edinburgh university in scotland but right now i’m on an exchange programme in istanbul. 🙂

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