Tuskar House – Unit B Sun Room

Further to my previous project to convert Tuskar House from offices to mews, I’ve been asked now to design and construct a sun room extension to Unit B. I’m pretty excited about this as rather than dealing with the interior only, I now get the opportunity to create a new structure with independent foundation, roof and envelope. Below are a couple of sketches on the project. More to come.

Panorama 2

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Kahn’s Fisher House


8 9 10 11 12 13397601911_876fee2e18_bHerzog + de Meuron’s House Along a Party Wall

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1The Client has expressed his wish for the sun room, that it will be a simple place to sit and enjoy a cup of tea when he visits the mews. He forsees that the houses might all be occupied, and would like this place to be one he can use without intruding on tenants. Unit B is set aside for use by the greater family when they’re in town, and so the Sun Room’s proximity to Unit B is doesn’t create a privacy issue. The Sun Room is in fact seen as an extension of the house, and will be key in raising the Gross Internal Area of the house to the minimum of 75sqm to be approved as a residence by Wexford City Council.

The concept is a simple one – a place to sit. The architecture is concieved firstly as a low, deep garden wall with two benches carved into it, one facing out as a garden seat; the other facing in as part of the small tea room. This low wall is materially related to the existing stone facade, though distinct – I’m looking into cast concrete which makes use of the same stone as sand. On top of the wall will sit a light timber-framed glazed enclosure, again picking up on the timber of the existing building. The aspiration here is that the glazed box can be shaped to shelter the outer seat and entrance from the rain, while creating open storage on the inside. opaque and transparent panels will be used to direct views towards the garden and screen the other homes from overlooking. For the timber, I hope to make use of the Client’s semi-mature oak forest, perhaps making use of some trees culled during the thinning out process.

I’ve been exploring these ideas in the sketches you see here. and there’ll be plenty more to follow.2345tuskar sun roomtuskar sun roomtuskar sun room



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