OMA’s ode to sociarchitectural optimism

Haven’t posted in a while, so I thought I’d post a couple of links to some really tantalising video clips posted by Dezeen regarding OMA‘s Venice Biennale Exhibit subtitled ‘Masterpieces by Burocrats’ that I saw online over the last couple of days. I’m a little dissapointed to see the clips as I was in Venice recently as part of a larger Eurpoean rail trip; annoyingly I was there just before the Biennale opened to the public and so missed the show! Not to worry. OMA’s exhibition regales us with the fascinating story of the mid-20th century utopian architecture produced by the austere but idealistic local authorities of London in the 60’s and 70’s, by the un-accredited but obviously talented council architects. A coincidence lays in that my last post published over a month ago also takes this subject as it’s own, I really didn’t plan it! I suppose the connection is that I retain a fascination with this brief peak in british architecture due to it’s inherent depth, and the message that architecture can change the world. Enough talk, here are the links;
OMA film clips from the current (2012) Bienale;


Utopia London, a 2012 film on the smae subject, can be investigated here;


Also as it happens, I recently paid a visit to one of the sites featured in the above documentary, here are the photos for youramusement!

This place is awesome, with a character all of its own within London. Inspirational.



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