Bauhaus at the Barbican

Here’s a few images of a recent trip I took to the Barbican to see the Bauhaus exhibit in July;

The Barbican is a favorite place of mine in London due to the sense when I’m there of being transported to another world. Theres’ an almost utopian feel about it, which for me is born of the formal harmony and homogenity, the quiet, and the lushness of the hanging gardens and resevoirs, which throw the brutal but beautifully formed architecture into sharp focus. Everywhere it seems there is another sunken garden, planted romantically as though taken from a John Constable painting, and the sense of space eminates, benefitting from the great balancing act of tectonic arrangement performed there. It makes me smile when I catch my gaze rising from the shrubs to the tree canopies then further up along the serrated lines of those throroughly urban towers.

I find it inspirational to see first hand the power of architecture, and the great achievements that can be made through ambitious dedication to my craft. I hope with all my heart that I will achieve something of equal stature over my own career in architecture.



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