Mack Degree Show

Some photos from the 2012 Mack show. Stage 5 was divided into three cities: Reykjavík, Lisbon and Dublin.

First up, Reykjavík:

Lauren Li Porter had some beautiful hand drawn perspectives with watercolour;

Heather McSween showed some interesting, almost brutalist forms;

Others included a mack light design clad internally with carbonised timber shingles, brought to life with a powerful acrilic perspective of the internal space;

Other work also demonstrated moody and well lit internal perspectives;

Next, Lisbon and Joseph Barton with some great old school schematic drawings;

Others in the Lisbon group continued the trend for beautiful perspectives with great colour;

Ami Skimming showed a very interesting scheme with an emphasis on varied use of sunlight to create an atmospheric internal enviroment;

Finally, Dublin;

Thom Brisco showed a very seductive scheme based on rehabilitating disused dry docks, incorporating their form into a wider hard landscape. I enjoyed his brief also which sought to re-introduce industry to a portion of the Dublin dockside;

Others in the Dublin set produced yet more fantastic renderings;

Highlights from Stage 4 included this beautifully drawn perspective section;

Also some neat axonometric schematics.

Eventually Niamh got a bit bored so we left to get some grub at the Trans Europe…

And of course you can’t go to Glasgow without a night out clubbing at the Arches!


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