Clerkenwell Design Week pt.2

So still on CDW I met a couple of mates at a spanish tapas open house by Figuras the arena furniture designers on Wednesday night;

The next morning we met again to go check out the rest of the stuff on show at the Farmiloe.

There seemed to be a common approach to the furniture designs exhibited whereby iinitially the pieces appeared traditional or quite old fashioned at first glance, only to reveal themselves as quite modern in both their proportion and detail on urther inspection. there was also an interesting use of material, notably a lot of beautifully shaped and joined timbers and industrial-derived cardboards, metals and plastics.

One really incredible installation at the Farmiloe was the CDW archway created by Giles Miller Studio. The piece was assembled from over 12,000 laser cut timber hexagons, with each one mounted on a wedge to give it a rotation. The rotation meant the light hit each surface differently, so that once you took a step back a pattern was revealed. impressive stuff.

The other show-stopper was the clay jaguar, with a sculpor from the Jag design team working live to perfect the shape. I never got the guy’s name but he was very interesting, describing the process and method behind these cars.

Final mention must go to the space itself – the Farmiloe is a cluster of old warehouses with a central atrium crossed over with gantry cranes and an iron 3-storey mezzanine bridge piece. The whole thing is rough and textured, the worn out aesthetic showing up the pristine exhibits beautifully. I don’t know what it’s used for when its not hosting CDW but it’d make a good late bar! anyway that’s it for CDW ’til next year.



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