9 Kyle Street – Precedent Study

Just a quick post to show some photos of Louis Kahn’s Fischer House – this type of sophisticated joinery and how it blurs the boundary between envelope and furnishing is a beautiful example of what I would like to achieve with the Kyle Street design.

[All the images below are lifted from Google, so thanks to those who originally made them available.]

[All the images above are lifted from Google, so thanks to those who originally made them available.]

I have a few sketches of how the central joinery objects work in the Kyle Street design, which I’ll update onto this post once I get them scanned in.


So here’s the sketches;

So the interior is basically concieved as a void between the adjacent units in the terrace, inside of which the environment is homegeneous and minimal. the internal works are concieved as a set of joinery objects which absorb much of the functional and service programmes to become beautiful crafted objects within the space. Of these, the largest is probably the ground floor loo/stair/kitchen which is described above. This piece jigsaws into the vertical stair/service riser object which houses a laundry chute and kitchen elevator for moving small cargoes vertically through the house. There are also secondary pieces that form the rear bookcase/door/windows, and the front bicycle store and wind lobby. these sketches are a rough set out of how the pieces could be formed, which will be built upon with more careful drawings to come.


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