9 Kyle Street – Some more sketches

Just a few more sketches on Kyle Street.

Since the last post I’ve decided on positioning the space-saving stair beside the downstairs loo between it and the kitchen. the fact that it will fit with landings across the width of the house means that’s a clear favorite, as aligning it length ways would make the floor plan too narrow. The area I’ve been drawing the most is the living area / mezzanine space as it is to be the real heart of the home. As in the sketches above, the rear wall is to be a full-width bookshelf with glazing above head hight to the ceiling. This is for storage as well as aesthetics, but as I’m interested in providing a rear access to the disused lane at the rear of the terrace, I need to find a way to put in a door. So, all this is leading to my inclusion of a guilty favorite of mine, the concealed bookshelf-door!

The lane is a remnant space formed when the shop on the adjacent North Main St. extended back into the courtyard area, leaving a ~1.5m wide strip of ground between the side of the extension and the existing old stone boundary walls of the Kyle Street terrace.

As the photos above show, there used to be access from the houses to the lane andf out to the street. The reason this seems so attractive is that the occupier could potentially negotiate to use the yard area to park a car, and access it via the lane, thus overcoming one of the biggest drawbacks to inner-city living – parking.

As I mentioned here, I am also developing the interior as a set of joinery objects, where all the services, storage, windows and doors,  and stair are composed of uniform materiality and custom-made to be space-efficient and beneficial to the floor plan. In fact I saw an article in the paper recently that took this approach to great effect in another small property;

That’s all for now.



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