9 Kyle Street – Some Sketches

Just a quick update on my 9 Kyle Street scheme. I’ve been pretty busy lately so haven’t had the time to produce many drawings, but I’ll post what I have to hand just to keep the ball rolling. I’ve mostly been exploring the ground floor plan and how it works in such a narrow layout. Here are a few sketches;

I basically want to organise the ground floor plan into four sections – lobby, front, middle, and back. The trickiest portion is the middle, as it recieves the least natural light and must allow through access to the rear. The main moves I want to do in section are to open up the rear ceilnig to become a double height space with mezzanine, and to position all the risers, circulation and WCs in a central column of space, freeing the front and rear facades for destination programmes.

As space is so tight, one subject i’ve been exploring the most has been the method of vertical circulation – i.e. what type of stair to use and where to put it. I ruled out a straight flight long ago as it takes too much room in what is already a too narrow plan. my next thought was a spiral, but I found this would mean a 2 metre diameter column within a 3 metre wide plan, which would be overpowering and again take too much room. So, my current thinking is a space-saving stair like the following;

This stair takes half the space of a traditional straight flight and so suits my needs where space is critical. Crucially, it also will fit running ‘across’ the plan with a landing on either end.

I’m going to post again this evening with more info on the kitchen, double-height living space, and service core I mentioned before. but right now, I need to go to work!


One Response to “9 Kyle Street – Some Sketches”
  1. I love doing Townhouse projects..! 🙂

    Like ur free-hand plans..

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