Setting Up Shop – Searching for a bargain project in London

Almost since I began studying Architecture back in 2005 I’ve always habitually scanned property websites. I’ve been looking for a project that was both affordable and that held enough potential for me to buy, so that I could develop and realise my own design. I used to focus on the Irish sites, but now that I’ve emigrated to London and I’m looking at a long term here, I’ve begun to scan once again. I came across this wee beauty today on the net;

The property is for auction, so the price is a reserve only. Still, so tempting, and has all the hallmarks of a great wee project; urban, double frontage, lots of character.

I’m not really in a position to buy a place yet, and though the initial cost price is so low, the development cost could be pretty high. I’m posting it as a record, and to announce the beginning of my search for a small project in London.



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