Tuskar House Mews – Beginning work on Site

Here are some snaps of the project I took when I was back home for New Year’s – the internal work has progressed a bit since these were taken but I want to keep the posts in order!

First the landscaping and elevations:

Access lane


Parking, electric gate, bin stores

Shared outdoor dining area

Elevation units A and B (Laundry)

Elevation Unit C

Front gate detail

Bin store detail – they’re looking pretty full here, but that’s just because of the work going on.

Roof detail

Next, the internal shots of Unit A;

(Soon to be) Bedrooms

Mezzanine, with Kitchen and living areas below

Mezzanine 2


Now Unit B, the laundry and store;

Downstair store

Upstair store – the area beyond the timber partition will be incorporated into Unit C, becoming the en suite bathroom for the master bedroom


Existing kitchen (to be altered for laundry)

And finally Unit C;

Existing downstairs loo

Existing kitchen – these two rooms to be knocked through to create large utility

Door through to Unit B blocked up

Master bedroom – wall on left to be knocked through

Master bedroom 2 – the white strip on the floor indicated line of proposed partition

More to come.



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