Architects for Health Design Charette – Final Crit

Following our tour of precedents and with just hours to go, my team returned to the studio to assemble our wall. We arranged three loose sections: Roughwork and Development; Masterplan; and Main Wall. Our key drawing was a perspective section, and the whole thing was backed up by a series of sketch models.


Our presentations assembled, it was time to begin the crits.

Images courtesy of Max Letvenenko;

(above) Team 2

(above) Team 3

(above) Team 4

(above) Team 1 – my team

Once the presentations were done, the judges retired to choose a winning team, and the bar was open!

It took some time, but eventually the panel resurfaced and there was talk of white smoke. The audience gathered round as the winner was announced;

And the winner was… Team 4.

The winners were awarded a Phaidon Atlas apiece and plenty of cred from the audience.

I was a little dissapointed not to win, but so it goes. My team hadn’t gelled very well and so our output was a little muddled, and I wasn’t hugely suprised not to take first spot. On the bright side I learned a lot and met some interesting folk, so the competition was pretty worthwhile. In fact, I’ll be keeping an eye out for future charettes and competitions to take part in, as I feel like they’re a good way of keeping sharp, as well as raising my profile as a designer among those in the industry.

Until then.



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