Architects for Health Design Charette – Day Two

Day Two started with a site visit;

We were allocated site one; the air space sandwiched above the A+E, behind the Evelina Children’s Hospital, to the south of the existing adult outpatients and to the west of a 16 storey mixed programme tower…

Despite the site constraints the group got creative in the evening, developing the “layers” and “deconstructing the enclave”  concepts from the previous evening while progressing the role of our scheme as a town centre for the hospital residents, agreeing on a project scaffold comprising a new outdoor social meeting space spanning the existing A+E roofscape, with the most of the programme stacked to the east edge of the site with an eye to integrate the adjacent parkland.

The work is a mash-up of explorations of our themes – layers, perforation, social interaction – on different scales – the room, the building, the masterplan. Some of the collages and quick perspective sketches look alright given the time we’ve had to make them. More to follow.



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