Architects for Health Design Charette – Day One


Photos from Day One;


Day One was split into two parts; before lunch, a series of introductions, orientation and a series of three lectures delivered by architects practicing in the healthcare sector. The goal was to give us some background and context on the sector and clue us in to some of the main issues and schools of thought surrounding it. The second half of the day was organised around studio and letting the teams loose to familiarise then produce! Time was a factor so we were encouraged to use any and all means to convey our ideas and conversation was rapid and concise – The main concepts we hit upon was the perforation of the ‘hospital enclave’ to integrate the ‘Urban Hospital into the wider city, and the generation of physical and psychological layers to set up levels of control for the patients. We produced some collages, pen drawings and mind maps, then presented our progress to the assembly at the end of the day.




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