Cork Midsummer Festival

So in pursuit of a sponsor to enable my Car Park Café and Pop-Up Cinema / Street Theatre concepts I contacted the team behind Cork Midsummer Festival and introduced myself.

I wrote the following;


Hello, My name is Karl and I’m a graduate Architect from Cork, I wanted to enquire about dates for submission for the upcoming 2012 festival. I am currently working up two proposals for pop-up pavilions in Cork City, one aimed towards cinema/street theatre and the other a cafe bar/outdoor music venue.

I wish to submit these proposals for your consideration, and so I need to find out the deadline for entry. I would also be grateful for any information you can provide on funding and/or potential acts that the pavilions could host, so that I can direct my design development.

Thanks in advance for your advice on this subject.


I heard back a few days ago from Valerie, a member of the CMF team with the following message;


Dear Karl,

Cork Midsummer Festival is a fully curated international festival and doesn’t have a formal submission process. We invite artists to create new projects with us and programme a selection of work across art forms that we’ve enjoyed and that we think are worth presenting in Cork. We are planning a shorter festival in 2012 and the programme is already almost complete.

However, we are always excited to hear about new and interesting work, and I will pass your details on to the Festival Director who will be in touch if an opportunity arises.

Best wishes, 

Valerie Healy

Festival Administrator


The tone didn’t seem overly positive but the later that day I recieved another message, this time from Tom Creed;


Hi Karl,
Are you in London right now? I’m in town tomorrow and might be able to find time to meet to discuss your email?


Tom Creed
Festival Director
I responded that I was but couldn’t meet until the evening. Unfortunately this didn’t suit Tom, but we have provisionally arranged to meet back in Cork over Christmas. A chance then to find backing, and potentially realise one of these schemes! I’ll be getting my case together asap.
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