9 Kyle Street – Morphology, Built Fabric

Recently I contacted the Cork City Library, Local Studies group and Cork Past & Present group to try and find further information on the Kyle Street area with the following message;

Hello I’m writing to request information on any old plans and maps that you may have detailing the Kyle Street area of Cork City Centre. I’m currently working on a small architectural project there and am keen to uncover the history of the street and the existing and historic build environment. To date I’ve combed through the Cork Past and Present website and found some great old maps of the city centre, and found the Goad Maps that identify the individual units on Kyle street. I was looking for specific plans of the terrace along the south of the street, and information on when they were built and by whom, but information on the north side of the street would also be of great interest to me.

I hope you can help, and thanks in advance.


Karl Diskin

RIBA Part II Architectural Assistant


I recieved the following reply from Paul O’Regan, one of the librarians at Cork City Library;


Dear Karl,

I’m afraid that we would not hold anything that would be specific enough for your needs. The sources you have already consulted online, especially the Goad plans, are as detailed a source as we would have for that part of the city. The only other source that can I suggest is the Ordnance Survey Maps which show buildings on an individual level. The map in the following link was surveyed between 1887 and 1913.


We would have revisions of these maps from 1949 but they cannot be copied.


Paul O’Regan.

Assistant Librarian

Local Studies Dept

Cork City Libraries


So the map he links to is pretty interesting, but sheds little further light on the specific buildings. It seems that’s a dead end, and my best bet is to go from here to the Cork City planning department to try and find old plans.

In truth, i’m just trying to find out a bit more about the street to ground my design in a sense of continuity in the area’s development, and see if I can uncover any interesting quirks about it. If I find no more information it needn’t have a detrimental consequence on my proposal, but I said I’d log it on here anyway as a record of my investigation. As mentioned in my message to Paul, I have found and combed through the Goad Plans of Cork, which I’ll post up in my next update.



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