9 Kyle Street – Goad Map & OS Maps, Old Photographs

Just a quick post to show you these maps, with 9 Kyle Street present within it’s terrace, in existence as far back as 1887. the specific boundaries are visible that still exist today, but the Lane to the rear (Cockpit Lane) has now become a service yard relating to a large shop on North Main Street.

This first map is the official OS map surveyed between 1887 – 1913. It’s interesting that in the names and locations of the markets was clearly annotated, probably reflecting their stature in the community.

This next map is a segment of the Goad Map of Cork City, 1906. again the markets are significant and prominent inclusions. In this map the lane is also present with an apparently active frontage on both sides. I think the lanes were cleared as part of a wider slum clearance, and while I can see that improving living conditions must have been necessary, it’s a shame that the lanes are no longer really used and have become gated passages, or in some cases completely built over and forgotten.

Finally, the following are photographs that were taken at around the same time. Both are taken at the corner of Castle Street and Corn Market Street, looking north along Corn Market Street and capturing the crowds spilling over from the Clothes Bazaar and Saint Peter’s Market. The clothes and the furniture captured are fascinating.


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  1. 9 Kyle Street – Goad Map & OS Maps, Old Photographs Karl Diskin is a great post. I am going to take more time looking into this topic.

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