9 Kyle Street – Update

I’m tipping away on this project, but as it’s purely for my own entertainment and not as urgent as Tuskar House and my work with Paul Murphy Architects, it’s moving a little slowly. basically I’ve modelled up the site and front elevation on Rhino, and have been sketching a little bit to translate my ambitions for the scheme into a proposal. Sadly I’ve no images to post yet, but on trying to resolve the vertical circulation a week or so ago I came to the realisation that a spiral wouldn’t do. I had hoped to use a spiral to connect the levels, but a 2000mm diameter cylinder in a 3000mm wide space is going to be overbearing and not have the light, clean feel i had envisaged.

This prompted another question; if not a regular flight, and not a spiral, then what? the answer came while trying out different configurations on the 3D model. a space-saving flight is the obvious choice. However, I’m going to go one further and combine the dining table, kitchen, downstairs loo and stair into a large bespoke piece of joinery, a lá Flores Prats’ Casa En Una Maleta. That project can be found via their conveluted and over-stylized website (which I secretly love) here -> once past the intro, click on ‘7’, then on ‘2’.

Images etc. to follow.


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