Tuskar House Mews – Update

Well I heard back from the Wexford Planning Dept. regarding the application I submitted last August for the conversion of an office development to 3 mews houses; it’s a negative. The main reasons were a lack of detail for the landscaping and site plan, our already-completed construction of a gate and wall without prior planning, and they’re not convinced the houses meet the minimum 75m2 floor area per dwelling. Well It was a bummer to say the least, but every problem has a solution.

I had assumed that a previous grant of planning would suffice for the gate and wall, but it seems they haven’t realised that that work was already granted, taking it instead to be part of this application. So, step 1 is to point that out.

The landscaping is admittedly an oversight. I had concentrated my draughting on the detailing of the building, but omitted a site plan as I thought at the time that the landscaping wasn’t an issue. So, obviously I’m going to draught that up now.

Finally I’m going to porpose that the three mews will become two, to allow a more generous floor area per unit.

I’ll be posting my new drawings in the next couple of days.



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