Street Theatre / Pop-Up Cinema

If you’ve read this blog before you might have learned about my schemes for the Carpark Café, details of which I’ve published in earlier posts. Well there’s a related project I’ve also been thinking a lot about that’s most easily defined as a pop-up cinema, that I’m sort of developing in tandem with the Café project. They share roots tracing back to ambitions as a schoolboy to open a bar with a good pal of mine from Cork, and also my more personal desire to generally build things, with my own hands and to my own designs. As always I have a site and a general idea of how I would like it to be, and the goal is to use this blog to try and organize myself to go ahead and excecute my plans. The site in question is actually a pair, two vacant lots straddling a medieval lane in Cork City Centre.

Here’s an image of the site in context:


The architectural idea is to complete the street frontage, and open the activity to the laneway frontage, creating a crossfire of activity. There have been architectural proposals for permanent buildings on these sites in the recent past, which I’ll refernece at a later date, but I will also be draing up the scheme I have in mind.

As a side note, I think the name of the theatre may already be decided for me, given the historic plaque affixed to the wall next door…



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