Carpark Café – Site Photos

Well while I was home in September I took a spin up to the Carpark Café site to take the photos I had forgotten to take the time before. Again I was struck by the view from the top, which will make an excellent backdrop to my planned pavilion. I’ve made a wee panoramic image to describe it to you:

Since my last post I’ve also been doing some reading on Irish alcohol licencing laws, which has been eye-opening. From what I gather and unlike in the UK, there’s no provision for temporary licenses, festival licenses or similar in the Irish law. The main suggestion put forward to those who seek to erect temporary venues (a lot of wedding marquee info websites were visited) is to negotiate with an existing license holder to temporarily transfer their license to the temporary venue for it’s term, then transfer it back again once the event is over. This means that the existing license holder may not serve from their main licensed premises for the time that the temporary venue is serving. This basically kills dead the idea of serving alcohol at the Carpark Café as I couldn’t hardly hope eran enough to make it worthwhile. The other options I’m exploring are charging a corkage-fee and relying on BYOB, or just relying on coffee and cake.

In terms of site choice, I’m inclined to position the pavilion on the northern, lower tier of the rooftop, as the view to the north (pictured) is superior, and the carpark infrastructure (bin stores, fire escapes, plant) are all positioned along the southern edge; Keeping activity away from these areas is likely to reduce risk of accidents or mischief. There are four distinct bays in between the car ramps and pedestrian staircases on the northern tier that I am considering for the fixed portion of the Café:

Of these, the larger one to the left of the picture is the obvious choice as it will allow vehicles to be parked alongside the Café for secure storage and waste collection. A feature of this spot is that it backs onto a wall, a feature which I may use to improve security of the serving area, so as t reduce people sneaking around the back to try and pocket my supplies.

That’s as far as I’ve got to date; I still have work to do to get a grip on finances, BYOB law and the actual design of the Carpark Café. But before I really get into all of this, making contact with the carpark management to present my plans is the next clear hurdle. The carpark is managed by a main office in Dublin, and their number is + 353 (0)1 617 9999. I’ve delayed this step until now to allow time to work out what I want to do and build my case, but before I spend too much longer on this I need to know if it’s a runner.

More to follow. Also see below for some more snaps of the site.


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