9 Kyle Street – Site Photos

I visited Cork recently and while I was about town I got the opportunity to take some snaps of 9 Kyle Street, as renovated by the new owners. Unfortunately there was a bit of roadworks going on related to the 2nd phase of the resurfacing of Cornmarket St adjacent, but here are the best of the bunch;

It’s nice to see the facade refreshed with a new lick of paint, but a big part of my scheme involves the reorganization of the interior, roofline and rear access of the property. The rear access is effectively non-existent at the moment, but access is made possible by a service courtyard for neighbouring buildings, connecting to the rear of 9 Kyle St by a narrow sliver of wasteground left over between the rear drystone walls of the terrace and the side elevation of a newer commercial building.

My plan would be to clear this ground and form a pedestrian passageway, connecting the rear of 9 Kyle St via the courtyard through to the wider Cornmartket St thoroughfare beyond. I don’t have the plans drawn properly just yet as I’ve recently been employed over at Paul Murphy Architects, and have a little less free time than I had before!

I surveyed the house back in 2009 and took some pretty detailed measurements, so I’ll also draw up a ‘before’ scheme too for comparison. The main points of my design are; a double height living space to the rear with mezzanine office/3rd bedroom above, 2 bedrooms divided by a central access on the top floor, and a roof deck for outdoor space. I’ll produce the plans soon, but until then this summary will have to do!



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